The deadline for submissions is Thursday at 3:30 on the week BEFORE you would like it to air.

Submit An Announcment (EHS STAFF ONLY)

Are you submitting video or photos to the Google Drive Folder (If yes, please click "submit" first, then use the button below that says "upload photos or videos" to access the folder)

To upload photos and videos (please no zip files)

  1. Begin by putting all the photos you wish to submit in a clearly labeled FOLDER (please no zip files) on your computer
  2. Click on the grey button above that says "upload photos or videos"
  3. Click on the big blue button in the upper left of the window that opensthat says "New"
  4. Select "FOLDER upload” (NOT “file” upload)
  5. Select the folder you created earlier
  6. Click on "open" at the bottom right of the window